VSHS Junior Parents, this is what we've (well, the kids) have been waiting for...POST PROM!!! The night really is a lot of fun, but we need your help! We need volunteers to host the games & activities for the kids. You do NOT need to be a professional athlete, artist or game show host. Just be ready to have some FUN and LAUGH!!! There are game descriptions on the Post Prom website, so you can decide what you'd like to do; then grab a friend and signup on the Games & Activity Sign-up Sheet.

After the Grand March stop in before your game time slot and try a few games yourself before all the kids get there. That’s the parents’ time to relax and have some fun! Also, feel free to stay up late and watch Dr. Jim Wand, the hypnotist after all the games!

The Post Prom t-shirts are available in colors of Jade or Midnight for students and Purple for parents and volunteers with the Masquerade theme. Click HERE for an order form. It would be great if all of the volunteers had a shirt so you’re easily recognizable, but it is not mandatory to help with the games & activities.

Next Post Prom Meeting: Monday, April 7th at 6:45pm

FINAL meeting before Prom: Sunday, April 27th at 7pm

*Meetings are at Central Office (1502 C Ave., Vinton--building attached to the Middle School)

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