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Coed VPRD Volleyball Champs: Paul’s Seeds.

We have now concluded our 2013-14 season of Adult Volleyball League and I would like to send along to you the final results and standings as well as pictures of the league champions.
Coed Division Champion – Paul’s Seeds

(l-r): Alexa Francois, Luke Erickson, Josh Erickson, Steph Miller

Coed Runner-Up – Ron-Da-Voo
Front Row (l-r): Heather Kalous, Jill Johnson, Cindi Stuck, Mackenzie Stueck
Back Row (l-r): Jim Wamochil, Joe Johnson, Tom Stueck
Women’s Upper Division – Hummel’s / Iron Shed
Front Row (l-r): Ashley Meyer, Samantha Fish, Melissa Smith
Back Row (l-r): Amanda Finley, Sarah Heineman, Kelly Annis, Sarah Miles
Women’s Lower Division – Ehlinger’s Vinton Express ‘66’
(l-r): Jamie Stander, Lisa Parmeter, Mel Davis, Julie Nicole Cox, Jessica Albertson, Carrie Fowler, Niki Bruce
March results/standings

Coed Division

Sunday, March 16

Ehlinger’s Vinton Express ‘66’ 25—11—18 vs Coots Materials 17--25--25

Team Truax 25--25--25 vs John’s Qwik Stop 14—19--22

Paul’s Seeds 25—25--25 vs Neve’s P.F.C. 18--15--12

Natural Disasters 17--8--2 vs Hummel’s / Iron Shed 25—25--25

Ron-Da-Voo 25—21—21 vs Fareway / Tharp Design 21—25—25

Coed Division Standings

***Paul's Seeds*** League Champs 46-8

Ron-Da-Voo 43--11

Fareway / Tharp Design 41--13

Hummel's / Iron Shed 37-17

Neve's P.F.C. 24--30

Team Truax 21--30

John’s Qwik Stop 23--31

Coots Materials 20--34

Ehlinger’s Vinton Express ‘66’ 9--45

Natural Disasters 3--51

Men's Division

Monday, March 17

Neve’s P.F.C. 18—25--25 vs Ron-Da-Voo / Stein Construction 26--14--21

Neve’s P.F.C. 26—21—18 vs Ron-Da-Voo / Stein Construction 22—25--26

Blockheads 22--24--21 vs Terry’s Gutter Service 25—30—25

Blockheads 21—26—18 vs Terry’s Gutter Service 25—14--25

Mens Division Standings

***Ron-Da-Voo / Stein Construction*** League Champs 47--16

Terry’s Gutter Service 36--33

Neve’s P.F.C. 26--37

Blockheads 20—43

Womens Upper Division Standings

***Hummel’s / Iron Shed*** League Champs 35--7

John’s Qwik Stop 27--15

Tharp Design / Betterton Chiropractic 15--27

Clickstop 7—35

Womens Lower Division Standings

***Ehlinger’s Vinton Express ‘66’*** League Champs 44--1

Terry’s Gutter Service 30--15

Scared Hitless 21--24

The Tinkles 12—30

Hobbs’ Mafia 4—41

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