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Race Champs: Webelo Graham Henkle, Bear Ryan Carolus, Wolf Travis Bender and Tiger Brady Whelan.

Pack 47 Cub Scouts, accompanied by parents, grandparents and leaders, gathered at Tilford Elementary on Saturday morning for their annual Pine Wood Derby race.

Participating Scouts each received a kit including a block of wood and a set of wheels. It was up to their imagination and creativity to make a car that looks good and moves quickly down the track.

Wolf Travis Bender was the overall winner. Other first place finishers included: Tiger Brady Whelan, Bear Ryan Carolus and Webelo Graham Henkle.

Scout leaders also honored those who created unique vehicles.

Those winners included: Judges's Choice, Evan Smith; Best Design, Taylor Anderson; Best Paint, Isaac Sturtz; and Most Original, Gunner Schminke.

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