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Midnight grey and cottage red, the Knoff roof's inspiration was Salisbury House in Des Moines.

For years, Vinton area residents have known about Ray and Carol Knoff's Victorian home, and the creative way they have preserved it.

From the elaborate walls and unique and antique items inside to the creative way they repaired the roof after the 2011 wind storm, the couple has worked hard to make sure everything they do adds to their home's sense of history.

After 2011 storm, the Knoffs set about replacing the roof with brand new materials that still capture the historical flavor of that Victorian era.
Now, the couple is gaining national attention because of their projects -- especially that roof.
The Associated Press recently called the Knoffs, and a reporter spoke to Carol for a series on the new trend in colors for housing, including roof projects. The Houston Chronicle and Washington Post are among the many major newspapers to feature the Knoff home -- particularly its cottage red and midnight grey thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roofing materials.
The interlocking pieces are designed to withstand hail, heavy loads and 230-mph winds.
And the company that the Knoffs hired -- DaVinci Roofscapes -- specializes in coloring each tile. A close look at the Knoff house reveals that the roofing pieces are placed in a random pattern, with some the cottage red, some midnight grey and many pieces containing blends of both colors. It was important to Ray, explain Carol, that the materials be new -- not recycled.
"We spent a lot of time researching this company," she said.
Carol told the AP that it took some local residents a while to get used to the unique colors; the story features house design experts sharing their views on the use of color.
The Knoffs bought the house in 2002, 101 years after it was built.
"For a house to be called Victorian, it had to be built in the years in which Queen Victoria lived," explains Carol.
The Queen died in 1901, the same year the house was built.
The couple has been restoring the house since then -- a project that Carol says is likely to never be completed. Currently they are repainting the unique wall covering on their stairwell to match its original style. They are always on the lookout for chandeliers and other items to match the home's historic style.
The news story even reached some Canadian newspapers, which use the English version of the word: Colourful.
See that Canadian story HERE.
See one of the AP stories about the Knoff's colorful roof HERE.

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Dennis and I were excited to see the nice article made it in the Orange County Register this week!!!
By: Nancy Lausar on March 16th 5:27pm

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