Although Project Joseph’s (PJ 's) initial aim has been to raise awareness of the need to prepare with water, food and supplies before an emergency, we also want to offer opportunities to gain knowledge and skills.

Disaster preparedness is not a fad or trend, but perhaps better described as a lifestyle or posture one could develop and maintain all the time.

We usually cannot control how hard, deep or long a disaster will affect our area, but how RESILIENT we have become before it happens is up to us!

Project Joseph has teamed up with Belle Plaine Ambulance to help area residents gain skills for disaster preparedness.

If our economy wavers or the expected routines we enjoy are interrupted for an extended period, less tangible resources like your knowledge and the skills you have can be the worth their weight in gold. Or should we say worth more than the weight of gold!

Even our city, or county, could seem like a “wilderness” if no emergency services are available for days or weeks. Knowing CPR and first aid will likely be a great asset.

Are You Ready?

CPR/AED classes will take place next Sat., March 15, from 8 a.m. to noon. Sessions include:

* Adult/Child/Infant CPR & Hands Only CPR & Defibrillator Use

A First Aid Course will take place Sat., March 29, from 8 a.m. to noon. Sessions include:

* Medical-breathing, choking, allergies, heart attack, fainting, low blood sugars, stroke, seizures, shock

* Injury-intern/external bleeding, wounds, head, neck & spine injuries, broken bones, electrocutions

* Environmental- bites, stings, ticks

* Temperature-related emergencies & Review CPR

Location- Benton County Emerg Mngmnt Office- 213 2nd Ave, Vinton

(East side entrance of Law Enforcement Center)

Cost- FREE !! Certification Cards - $7.

Instructors- Dan Johnson and Elana Janss-Johnson- Managers, Belle Plaine Ambulance Srvc.

RSVP to 319-444-3808 or bpaa09@YAHOO.COM

**Limit 15 per class **More classes will be held as needed

**Age limit- 16 to adult **Families welcome, but No Child Care Provided

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