The Benton County Economic Board (BDG) announced that in cooperation with Click Stop of Urbana, they will host Governor Terry Branstad on February 27.

The Governor will be stopping at Click Stop as a part of his efforts to highlight the importance of economic development for the State of Iowa. Click Stop has been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States.

The Governor will speak briefly to employees and then tour the rapidly growing campus of Click Stop. BDG President Marlyn Jorgensen said that the organization was delighted that the Governor had chosen Benton County as a place to talk about economic development.

BDG is in the business of trying to bring successful economic development to Benton County. We are particularly happy to be showcasing the wonderful progress that Click Stop has made.

Click Stop, however, is only one of several companies in Benton County that contribute to the economic vitality of the county. One of the highest priorities of BDG is to help existing companies expand and create new opportunities for the people of the area. BDG continues to work at making Benton County a great place for companies to locate and prosper. The Governor will be welcomed by Click Stop President Tim Guenther and BDG Vice President Kristina Kremer.

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