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$7,000 shot: Former VS Viking David Urlaub wins a diamond ring at UNI BB game.

David Urlaub has made many shots on a basketball court in his career. The former Vinton-Shellsburg Viking earned All-District honors in high school then played in college for a while.

He, however, made what could be the biggest shot of his lifetime Sunday night in Cedar Falls. Chosen as the half-court shot contestant at a UNI men's basketball game, David found nothing but net, and won the prize: A $7,000, 1-carat solitaire diamond ring.

"It was an amazing experience," he said.

The shot even earned him a spot in the ESPN Top Ten Videos for the week.

Among the audience members was David's girlfriend, Ellie Savery.

Naturally, now that they know David has the ring, people who know the couple are asking if David plans on popping any particular question to Ellie.

"Yes, we are fielding a lot of questions," he said.

See the video of David making the shot, and then celebrating with Ellie, and UNI fans HERE:

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Awesome! Congrats David!
By: Gregg Sampson on February 24th 2:34pm

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