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Antonym Day: Hannah McGowan and Tess Lillibridge wore quite different costumes.

Mrs. Sturtz sat at a pupil's desk Friday morning, surrounded by students pointing their fingers at her in their most teacherly manner.

Things like that -- along with unique costumes, writing of names backwards, class schedules arranged in different order and even sweets in place of the "healthy snack time" were all part of the 4th grade celebration of Antonym Day at Tilford.

The students have been studying synonyms and antonyms in language class, and had the opportunity to dress up as something they aren't.

Kate Hyland, a die-hard Iowa Hawkeye fan, wore an Iowa State jersey with her black and gold pants and necklace. Chase Rippel wore his older brother's Fareway uniform of black pants and tie with a white shirt. Many dressed up as babies; a few girls even wore hoodies backwards.

The party was also a reward for achieving reading goals, says Mrs. Sturtz.

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