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Jason Hicok's Vinton Weather web site again contains NWS warmings for Benton County.

Thursday morning began quiet and calm, one of the nicer days of the week. But between 9 and 10, the wind and snow arrived. Forecasters predicted around an inch of new snow, but high winds caused the National Weather Service to issue a wind warning in several counties, including Benton County.

Motorists are again reminded to use caution on the highway. Those driving high-profile vehicles should use extra care.

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This was an interesting snowstorm! It reminded me very much of a springtime severe thunderstorm, only without lightning and with snow instead of rain. It even resembled a line of storms on the radar. You gotta admit, Iowa does often get some of the most interesting weather.
By: Cristopher Sturtz on January 31st 12:02pm

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