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The history of murder in Benton County: Several high-profile cases; some remain unsolved

The arrest of a man who had been living in Vinton on murder charges from a 1998 cold case in Indiana has renewed interest in the history of murders and local cold cases.

Vinton Today published a series on Benton County murders, including cold cases, a couple of years ago. We spoke to law enforcement officers, providers and the survivors of some of the victims. Friends and relatives described the victims and shared what they remembered from those dreadful days.

With current events leaving the topic on the minds of local residents, we wanted to share with you some of those stories about the history of murder in our area.

Here are some of those stories:

Gas station attendant murdered in 1989 robbery along Highway 30

1888 murder in Garrison; solved with lame man's footprints

How two women are working to inform public about Iowa Cold Cases

Blairstown 1981 cold case; Amos Jellison

Myrtle Cook: The unsolved murder of KKK member brought Vinton national attention in 1925

Charles Plucar: SE Benton County farmer killed at home in 1977

James Huff: Was his 1977 death an accident, or homicide?

The impact of cold cases on communities, even decades after the crime

Triple murder began in Benton County in 1967

Summary of 5 Benton County cold cases

Iowa Cold Cases page featuring murderer and murder victim John Albert Rose

The 1938 murder of BC Sheriff Sam Fry, written by Officer Eric Dickinson

Mother accused of killing infant son in 1981 suicide attempt

Myrtle Cook story on the Iowa Unsolved Murders web site

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