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Bob Mahood

Aloha in Hawaiian means Hello as well as Goodbye. And so it is we say goodbye to our maintenance technician, Everett Leonard, our veteran board member Bob Mahood, and say hello to new board member Denni Randall.
Everett starting working full time with Benton County Conservation on July 20, 1998. Prior to this
time, he was a seasonal for us for three years. Over the past nineteen years, Everett has seen a lot of faces come and go, and persevered through many changes, both challenging and rewarding. An integral part of the Conservation Team, he’s always willing to drop what he’s doing and roll with the flow - whether it’s fixing a tractor, shoveling snow, pulling a seasonal out of the lake (that’s another story), or dealing with the onslaught of flood and storm damage. We will miss Everett’s sense of humor and dedication, and we’re hoping he’ll be back with us soon as a seasonal - coming full circle.
Bob Mahood has been a Board member for the past 15 years. Serving two consecutive 5 year terms, and then taking a year off, he was reappointed to serve one more 5 year term. Bob claims that he’s not coming back this time, but time will tell.
Bob’s dedication to conservation goes beyond serving on the Board, as he was instrumental in starting up the Cedar River R.A.T.S. (Running Around Tidying Up Streams). A group of local citizens that take it upon themselves every August to get out and clean up the Cedar River as it flows through Benton County.
Bob has been instrumental in raising funds for the Nature Center. While serving on the Board, he and several board members formed the Benton County Conservation Foundation. This 501-c3 organization provides an outlet for people to make donations directly to the Foundation in support of conservation efforts.
As the former owner of Mahood’s Shoe Store, people counted on Bob to come up with the perfect shoe to fit their weary feet. Now, when you’re looking for the perfect fishing pole to fit your hands, Bob can make a custom rod for you, or better yet, he can teach you in a class how to build your own. The Board will be different without Bob, but we won’t let him get too far out of our sight, as we know we can rely on him for continued conservation efforts.
Denni Randall joins us once again, but in a different capacity. Over 13 years ago, Denni was the Ranger for Hannen Park. Leaving Conservation to pursue a career in full-time law enforcement, Denni is now a Sergeant with the Cedar Rapids Police Department. She and her husband, Brian, make their home in Belle Plaine, where they also own and operate Great Life Fitness. Denni has a passion for conservation, and it’s this dedication that has brought her back to us as a volunteer on our conservation board. We are excited to have Denni back with us, and look forward to working with her in the years to come.

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