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Tiny Vikes Preschool families participated in a special event to welcome the new year.

What better way to welcome in the New Year than spending quality time with your child in their preschool room. That’s what several parents were able to do when the V-S school resumed on January 2nd.

This was a great opportunity for parents to see first hand a few of the things that their child learns in preschool at Tiny Vike’s.

When you visit a preschool classroom, you may wonder what it is that children are learning, as it looks a lot like play. Parents were able to participate in several activities that were fun (and looked a lot like play). Parents were able to experience first hand that there is a LOT of learning going on in a preschool classroom!

A few of the activities that translated into learning included:

* Making a cute penguin, which required the use of fine-motor skills

as students used scissors and crayons to create their masterpiece.

* Games, which included early reading skills as students showed off

how they can match beginning sounds to pictures or practice
their rhyming skills.

* Students looked for letters in pretend snow (rice) to practice

Letter recognition

* Students practiced their counting skills as the counted out scoops

of yummy treats for their trail mix

* Building snowmen allowed students to show off their knowledge

of syllables in words.

We invite the community to stop by any of our Tiny Vike’s classrooms at Tilford or Shellsburg to take a peek at what learning looks like through a child’s play. A few of the things you may observe are:

A Child’s Play: = Learning:

Toys & Games Learning alphabet (literacy)
Match & classify (math)

Art Plan & carry out a task
(study habits, independence)

Sand & Water Cause & effect (science)
Coordinate eye-hand movement (writing)

Count and measure volume (math)

Library Love books & remember detail
(language development, literacy)

Dramatic Play Pretend with objects (abstract thinking)

Learn about workers in community
(social studies)

Act out roles (the arts)

Enrollment is now open for the 2014-15 school year.

Go to and click on Tilford or Shellsburg Page OR

Call: 319-436-4728 Ext. 201 (Tilford) Ext. 501 (Shellsburg)

Submitted by: Deb Hesson- Tiny Vike’s Preschool Coordinator

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