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Eric Dickinson has written his first book, a guide to emergency medical tactics for officers.

A new book by Vinton Police Officer Eric Dickinson is earning praise from law enforcement officials throughout the U.S.
Dickinson, who has written articles for several law enforcement and EMT publications, is the author of "The Street Officer's Guide to Emergency Medical Tactics."
The goal of the book is to help officers respond to life-threatening situations before medical emergency crews arrive. Already, it is earning praise as a "must-read" for officers.

"The idea for the book came up after I started writing magazine articles and teaching peace officers nationwide regarding the topic of emergency medical care," says Dickinson. "At the time, there were no other books out addressing the topic and very few similar training programs."
Those books that have come out in the last few years only addressed a narrow sub-set of material, namely emergency care in hostile environments or care under fire, explains Dickinson.
"While those are very important, such material left out the obvious stuff that officers deal with every day -- vehicle collisions, diabetic emergencies, heart attacks, etc.," he says. "Many of those programs and books also spoke in terms that were not easily understandable to someone who did not have prior medical training. Some of them tried to teach cops military medical tactics without addressing the differences between the military and law enforcement environments."
While there is much valuable material that can be drawn from military medicine, conventional EMS, sports medicine, and wilderness medicine, it must be filtered before it can be automatically applicable to law enforcement, Dickinson has learned.
He saw that need as an opportunity to share what he has learned over the years, but in book form.
"I had considered the idea of writing a book but a medical textbook was pretty intimidating. I spoke to several friends / mentors of mine who were also experienced instructors and authors. They encouraged me to do it based on my previous articles and classes," he said.
The project started informally in 2008.
"I wrote the outline of the book and drafted a couple chapters over the course of a year before approaching an experienced publisher of law enforcement text books," says Dickinson. "They accepted the idea and I spent about two years actively researching, writing, reviewing and editing the rest of the book."
Virginia Holsten at the Vinton Public Library was instrumental in helping the officer locate and obtain reference materials.
"It took several more months to take all the photos and acquire all the images I needed in the book," Dickinson says. "Off-duty personnel from a variety of area public safety agencies assisted by posing for photographs in the book."

Those personnel include the Vinton Police Department, the Benton County Sheriff's Office, Benton County Conservation, Vinton Fire Department, the Linn County Sheriff's Office, and North Benton Ambulance.
The book addresses a variety of topics including high frequency/low risk events (heart attacks, vehicle collisions, etc) and low frequency / high risk events (mass shootings, officer down/shot, etc).
"It is aimed at law enforcement officers, particularly at the academy level, but is also useful for agencies doing in-service training," says Dickinson. "I'm aware of two academies that are currently reviewing it and considering it for inclusion into their programs at this time."
So far the response to the book has been good. There are a few different law enforcement magazines that are publishing reviews of the book. The first just appeared in Law Officer magazine. You can view it HERE.

Another review on reads:
"As a 20 year LE Veteran and a student of Tactical Medicine Classes, this is by far the best resource I have seen on this topic. Lt. Dickinson has brought this topic to the masses and his writing style is easy to read and understand. Do yourself a favor and buy this book immediately. It will make anyone safer and is the most modern version of the teaching that I have seen."

A portion of the proceeds from each book sale will be donated to the ILEETA Scholarship Fund. ILEETA is the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association. The Scholarship Fund helps trainers from small agencies attend a valuable training conference that they might not otherwise be able to attend.
"I was the recipient of one of the ILEETA scholarships to their annual conference in Chicago in 2006 and I've returned at my own expense and on my own time ever since. The contacts I've developed at that annual conference have opened the doors for me to teach all across the country and write this book and over 30 articles," says Dickinson
The officer is now in the preliminary stages of a second book.
"I can't really say much about it yet but it will have a broader appeal than a medical text book," he says.

To order Dickinson's book, click HERE to see its page, which also includes a few excerpts.

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Great job Eric cant wait to read it
By: Mayor Lindsey on December 31st 1:18pm
Congratulations! Well deserved.
By: Susan Lent on January 2nd 1:16pm

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