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How the VS FFA class I-Pad helps tell the story of the ducks hatching.

The second group of ducklings in the Vinton-Shellsburg FFA class room is now hatching, and you can watch.

On Monday December 2, 2013, our school had its first ducks hatching in the Ag room for the animal science class.

The class started with forty-one eggs, and had to take away 13 that didn’t fertilize.

All of the eggs were put into the incubator, and of the twenty-eight eggs, eighteen eggs hatched. Word of the ducks hatching spread quickly throughout the school, and soon there were many students and teachers coming into the classroom to see what was happening.

With the ducks being of such interest, we soon had an i-pad on top of the incubator streaming the footage live, online.

Once all of the ducks were hatched, we had the ipad showing all of the ducks in their tub in the ag room.

The ducks' video had over 1,300 views online within the first 24 hours it was up.

A new batch of eggs currently in the incubator have begun hatching.

To see this streaming on-line, click HERE.

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How cute are these little ducklings????
By: Gretchen Holtz Kopecky on January 8th 5:54pm

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