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In the past three years, approximately 80,000 box tops from a variety of local families and parents and grandparents of Tilford Elementary students have helped raise about $8,000 for the Tilford PTO

Virtually every product from a grocery store is eligible for the program, said PTO coordinator Meggan McNeil.

According to information McNeil has received from the Box Tops 4 Education program, the school is first in Iowa and third in the entire nation in the number of box tops collected.

Funds help pay for projects and items for PTO.

There is a container for the box tops in the lunch room at Tilford Elementary; McNeill is working on getting another container set up at Fareway so local families who do not have children in school can also participate.

"I am super proud of our students and how well they did," said McNeill.

On-line purchases can also help the Tilford PTO.

See a complete list of products for which box tops can help raise money for the Tilford PTO HERE.

Sign up to help through the Boxtops4education web site HERE.

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