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So, it's snowing.

Get over it, already.

Just because the calendar says it's only Oct. 22, doesn't mean I owe you "54 degrees and mostly sunny."

If I want snow two months before the official start of winter, there will be snow. Stop whining, already.

Like it matters to me if you don't like what I do. Seems like you never do, anyway.

First I kept you dry all last summer. You didn't like that. So, this spring, I sent you lots of rain.

Yeah, you remember: You complained about that, too. So, I stopped.

Then you start groaning and muttering the D-word again. Drought.

Nothing I do can make all of you happy -- not that I ever tried.

So get out your shovels and snow boots and be sure to clear your windows before your car leaves the driveway.

And please, please, please -- for a change -- just once will you stop driving like first time amateurs on snow? You know the road will be slippery. You know stopping distances are longer and curves more dangerous. Don't blame me when you have to call the tow truck.

And by the way, you may not want to bury your shorts and flip-flops too deeply in the closet. I have only just begun to mess with your mind.

Have a happy fall!

-Mother Nature (How I miss hearing you call me "Mommy!")

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