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Clinic staff, VGH leadership team, and Mayor

Van Horne, IA (October 15, 2013). The Van Horne Family Clinic is undergoing a total renovation and expansion to better serve the healthcare needs for residents of Van Horne and surrounding communities.

The Virginia Gay Hospital, with family medical clinics in Atkins, Urbana, Van Horne and Vinton, saw the need for substantial facility updates at the Van Horne Family Medical Clinic. Through strategic planning and consulting with clinic staff and community leaders, the VGH management team sought to improve healthcare opportunities at the Van Horne Clinic. Construction began in early September.

According to Virginia Gay Hospital and Clinics CEO, Mike Riege, “the expansion and updates were necessary to accommodate the growing number of patients and improve efficiencies within the clinic.” Originally constructed in 1990, renovated and expanded to double the size in 2001; this new update will add another 1,100 square feet to the existing 2,200, and substantially enlarge the patient parking area.

Funding for the $450,000 expansion and renovation was allocated for structural improvements, new patient examination rooms, new laboratory and nursing station, improved waiting rooms, and needed storage space. Patients will be greeted with an expanded and accessible parking lot, new sidewalks and an attractive facade.

Van Horne Family Medical Clinic provider Rita Taylor-Stewart, PA-C, said of the expansion project, “we’re seeing more patients from all over the area and this extra space will allow us to better care for them.”

Donations, to defray the cost of expansion and renovation of the Van Horne Family Medical Clinic, are being sought by the VGH Healthcare Foundation. “There is a strong tradition of giving within all of the communities we serve,” said Mike Timmermans, VGH Foundation Director, “and we’re confident this project will again bring out the best in all of us.”

All donations are welcome and appreciated. The Foundation will acknowledge the generosity of all gifts to this project and the annual Tree of Lights* fundraising campaign (*gifts of those from the Van Horne area) with a commemorative donor board that will be permanently displayed in the clinic vestibule.

Please send your financial contribution to either: 1) Virginia Gay Hospital, 502 N. 9th St., Vinton, IA 52349, or 2) Van Horne Family Medical Clinic, 205 Main St., Van Horne, IA 52346 (or drop it off in person).

If you have questions about making a tax-deductible contribution to Virginia Gay Hospital and Clinics Foundation, please contact Mike Timmermans, Foundation Director at 319-472-6375. If you have a specific question about the Van Horne expansion project and making a contribution, please contact VGH Foundation board member Don Logan at 319-228-8565.

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