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The fireball car was one of the stunts performed by Team Danger during the "Night of Destruction."

Those attending the "Night of Destruction" event at the Benton County Fair on Thursday saw a preview of a new show planned for late in August on the History Channel.

Team Danger, a group of automobile daredevils, brought several stunts to the "Night of Destruction" at the Benton County Speedway.

"Jalepeno," One of the Team Danger stuntmen, drove through a "Wall of Fire" in a small pick-up truck. The fire for the wall came from Scott Anderson and his Penguin Pyros staff -- a preview of the fireworks Anderson and many other members of the Iowa Pyrotechnic Association will bring to Boomtown Aug. 23-24, also at the Benton County Speedway.

Team Danger also ignited a fireball in another vehicle -- with one of its stuntmen, Danger, Jr., inside.

Nikki McBurnett, one of the spokespersons for Team Danger, invited the audience to look for Team Danger on the new show about daredevils when the History Channel airs it next month.

She also discussed the danger of the group's stunts.

"We almost lost a stuntman twice in making that show," said Nikki.

During a recent stunt event in Maquoketa, one of the Team Danger performers, the team leader they call "Danger," suffered several serious injuries and was taken by helicopter to University of Iowa Hospitals.

Trailer races (actually a moving demolition derby in which the drivers circle the track while trying to separate the other drivers' trailers from their vehicles) and other events were also part of the evening.

Another stunt planned for Saturday

During the traditional demolition derby, Team Danger will do another stunt, said Nikki, but this time with even more fire.

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