By: Rhianna Turner

There are many kinds of percussion instruments. Even though I play percussion I don’t even know half of them! There are tuned, untuned (which is called Auxiliary percussion), Persian, and Latin/Afro- Carribean percussion instruments. There are probably more kinds around the world.

Tuned percussion

Cimbalom Chimes Bells Dhol Dholki Gong Glass harmonica Hammered dulcimer Handbells Hang Lithophone Marimba Metallophone Glockenspiel The harp stop and other effects on the organ Piano Quadrangularis Reversum Skrabalai Steel drums Tabla Timpani(kettle drum) Tubular bell Vibraphone Xylophone Xylorimba Snare Drum Bass Drum

Auxiliary percussion (Untuned percussion)

Agogo bells Anvil Base drum Crash symbol Dayereh(doyra) Frame drum Finger cymbals Flexatone Glass harp Jam blocks Jordan Slap Knee Slap Marching machine Monkey stick(mendoza or lagerphone) Ratchet Rattle Sand blocks Siren Slapstick(whip or woodcrack) Jingle bells(sleigh bells) Slide whistle Snare drum Tambourine Tambour Taxi horn Temple blocks Thunder Machine Thundersheet Triangle Vibraslap Whistle Wind chime Wind machine Wood block

Persian percussion

Tombak Daf Dayereh Esarkoten Dohol

Latin/Afro-Caribbean percussion

Afoxé Alfaia Atabaque Agogô Batá drum Bond Bongo drums Cabasa Castanets Cajón(box drums) Caxixi Chácaras Claves Conga Cowbell Cuíca Djembe Ganzá Gonguê Güiro(a.k.a. scraper) Hand-repique Jawbone (instrument) Maracas Pandeiro Repique Ring-repique Shekere Surdo Tambora Tamborim Tan-tan Timbal Timbales Zabumba Zill

I think percussion is interesting because you can play a variety of instruments. The snare drum is mostly the main percussion instrument. It’s so loud that you can here it throughout a band with at least 100 other instruments. My favorite percussion instrument is the Chimes.

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