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Jr Journalists

The Million Dollar Question

By Junior Journalists · 11:46am April 2nd, 2014
If someone gave me someone one million dollars to start my own business I would start a restaurant. It would be a buffet with a lot of food favorites. It would be called The Iron Dragon. What would you do? -Jesse I would open a bakery because I love to make cookies, cupcakes,cake and I like how some bakers add their own little creative touches.

April Fool's Jokes

By Junior Journalists · 11:46am April 2nd, 2014
What would you do for a April Fool's joke? I would tell everyone I was moving until the end of the day. Then I would go ApRiL FoOlS. what would you do?????????????? -Jesse For April Fools Day I would play a huge prank on my sister. The prank would be put Nutterbutt (Mr. Fluffernufferman is a actual rabbit) in the basement and tell Jenna that he ran away.

Where I would like to live

By Junior Journalists · 11:46am April 2nd, 2014
I would like to make my own island. There would be no payments. You could live free. There would be lots of people. The only way you could get across would be a sky walk. There would be a under water hotel for visitors. I would have my best friend next door in another island. It will be in the middle Gulf of Mexico.

In 20 Years

By Vinton Today · 8:42am March 18th, 2014
Editor's Note: We asked our Jr. Journalists to predict the future, particularly how they think the world will change in the next 20 years. I think the world will be like new laws like people can drive at 15. Student won't have to go to school and have teachers the can just stay home and do it on the computer.

In Summer....

By Vinton Today · 9:53am March 7th, 2014
Editor's Note: We asked the students to think past the cold and snow of winter by sharing their summer plans! I am going to hangout with my best friends Kellsie and Ashley and go to a lot of things this summer i am also looking forward to my best friend Kellsie's birthday and mine. -Kiley I might be going to Missouri this summer to hang out with my aunt and watch my cousins.

If I were president (or Mayor)

By Vinton Today · 11:50am March 4th, 2014
We asked our Jr. Journalists to share what they would like to do if they could be either Mayor of Vinton or President of the U.S. Below are their responses: If I were president I would ban kid proof items. sometimes there really hard to open lol. I would also say school is free! I would create more jobs for people.

Winter fun

By Kellsie · 12:50pm February 19th, 2014
We have a snow fort that is up to our roof! It would be fun, but we are not allowed to climb on the roof. So, that is not fun but we have two snow forts but one is bigger. Winter is fun.!!! I love Winter!

Coke Commercial: Thoughts from VSMS

By Dean Close · 11:21am February 11th, 2014
We asked our Jr. Journalists to weigh in on the Coke Super Bowl Commercial Controversy. After watching the commercial, the students (like American adults) expressed a variety of opinions. Here are their thoughts: I do not think it is right because of the different languages and it showing people that are not from the U.

My favorite Olympic sport....

By Dean Close · 7:16pm January 28th, 2014
I like the olympics.My favorite sport is the ice skating dancing because it looks really neat and I like the twirls and leaps the also have awesome costumes. -Haley. I like watching the Winter Olympics. My favorite sports to watch are figure skating, skiing and wrestling. Figure Skating is fun to watch when the girls twirl and dance, I like their costumes, too.

My favorite class...

By Jr. Journalist · 8:43am January 22nd, 2014
This week's topic in Junior Journalism was "My Favorite Class." Here are the student's thoughts on that subject: I like math and science Because they are fun.Because we do fun labs. Because we do math stuff. Student: Brooke Gym because we get to roller skate next week.

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