Editor's note: We asked our Junior Journalists to write some thoughts about mother's Day. Here are a few of their words:

My mother has always been there for me and has given me a great life. I tell my mom everything because I know whatever I tell her she won't get mad and she will just talk through them with me.

It is really nice to have a mom I can tell her anything to; I wouldn't want to have a mom where I can't tell her anything. My mom lets me do most anything unless it is really bad then she will say no but she lets me stay at friends' houses whenever I want even during the week and whatever their parents say my mom will say to.

My mom has always said that she doesn't want me to be pulled through life but march through it. My mom has always taught me that life is going to be hard at times but not to worry about them because where there is bad things there are good things and where there there are good things there are bad things.


I can't wait till Mother's Day because i get to to get my mom a awesome present. I love my mom because she is always there for me through thin and well even though we get in lots of fight I still love her. I love talking to and hanging out with my mom. So for all the things I have done to her, she deserve a lot of credit, so it is going to be all about her; it's her day!

- Kellsie

I love my mom because she helps me with homework and when I'm sad she cheers me up all the time. Mom you are the best mom in the whole wide world.


I can't wait for mothers day because I will be with my dad and we will have mothers day on fathers day and fathers day on mothers day. I am going to try to mom get my mom something like a necklace. My mom and I always get into fights and I try to make it better and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I have a messed up family because my parents are getting divorced and other things are happening in my family. I love my mom no matter what happens and anything that happens in family she is always there for me.


Mother's Day is coming! what are you going to do for mothers day???? I 'm going to spend time with my mom and get her a gift. It is important because we appreciate all they do for us.


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