The Vinton-Shellsburg Middle School Junior Journalists shared their thoughts on how the weather is affect the school schedule with late starts and snow days.
I like late starts because I get to sleep in a hour or so. I also hate it because I like school, math is my favorite subject and then language. I bake goodies like cookies, brownies, homemade donuts, etc. Snow days I love because I especially like going outside and playing in the snow.

I like the snow days because I get to go out side. When have no school I get to have my friend over. I get some free time to do whatever I want. I make bracelets and play with my brother. I like Late start because I get to sleep in but when I don't spend the night at my grandpas I have to wake up early.
-- Kellsie
I don't like having late starts because i like school.I like math a lot and when we have late starts all we really do is games.
i like having no school because you get to relax and you have no homework. I also do not like not having school because you have to make up the days and you get more home work.
I like late starts because I get to have more time to mess around and play with my dog and hamster. I kind of like snow days because it's fun to play in the snow but sometimes I get bored because there is nothing to do. One thing I don't like is that we have to make it up. So that's how I feel about late starts and snow days.
-- Franki
I like snow days and late starts because it is nice to sleep in for once. Also for snow days I like them because you get to play in the snow all day instead of going to school. One bad thing about them though, is you have to make up snow days in the summer. Which kinda stinks because I feel about snow days and late starts.
I like late starts because I can have lots of fun on late starts day. On no school days I have lots of fun hanging out with my friend named Rusell.
-- Jacob

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