I love December because of the white blanket of snow that blends with the snow- white skies covering towering pines and icicles forming everywhere.

I love the smell of evergreens, ginger, and peppermint.

I like looking out the window watching the snow coat the ground. I like listening to Christmas carols and sipping hot chocolate, snowman soup or warm apple cider, blessed with warmth and family.

I watch Christmas specials on the television. I like the nice neighbors who plow the snow out of the driveway and gifting them. I like to bake cookies and decorate the tree with lights and ornaments that glow through the night, lighting the room. I enjoy putting wreaths and candles in the windows. I enjoy hearing Christmas tales and seeing the glow on my little brothers face.

Snow man soup:

1 candy cane

2 Hershey kisses

1 hot chocolate packet

Make hot chocolate, hang candy cane on side, drop in the kisses.

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