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Jr Journalists

Thanksgiving and why I like it

By Junior Journalists · 3:09pm November 18th, 2014
Every year we go to grandmothers for a BIG Thanksgiving feast with family and out of town or country. it's fun because I don't see these relatives much. And every time there is ANGEL FOOD CAKE! Paul J. On Thanksgiving break, all I want to do is spend time with my dad and go places together.

What I Would Do On A Snow Day

By Junior Journalists · 3:09pm November 18th, 2014
On a snow day I would curl up by the fire and read a ghostly story, maybe play on my Kindle Fire, or play outside in the snow with my brother. If I could go somewhere I would go over to my grandmother’s house play Pool in her basement or go to AirFX. Alli K. On a snow day I would like to go to the recreational center and play basketball.

Junior Journalists shares ideas for RTI

By Junior Journalists · 12:28pm November 12th, 2014
Marjorie D, One thing that I would do is a bible study for Christian kids. I also never got to do coil basket making and I really wanted to do that so I think that if the kids that didn't go could do it but the people that already did it can’t.

Junior Journalists thoughts on Veteran's Day

By Junior Journalists · 12:23pm November 12th, 2014
I thought the assembly was sweet. They showed the people who recently died who served. I thought that when they showed the people it affected the kids so much because some of the people shown were parents to the kids. Marjorie If I was in the air force, I would do my best to protect the people in the United States and make sure that I can do my best for the people.

My Favorite Subject

By Junior Journalists · 6:19pm November 4th, 2014
My favorite school subject is gym mostly because we get to exercise and I can get in shape for many of the sports I play in. Gym can also help me get faster, stronger, gain agility and help me in my strategy, like when we play Capture the Flag, It can also help me decide whether or not to go for the flag or defend my own team's flag.

Junior Journalists like their Veggies

By Junior Journalists · 11:16am November 4th, 2014
If I had a garden or had a garden sent to me, or any garden items in particular, I would have a carrot garden because carrots are my favorite vegetable. They are rich in vitamin A and are excellent for eyesight. Christian S. I think that school should have fresh produce from gardens and not from bags because: 1.

School Uniforms, Agree or Disagree?

By Tricia Tendick, VS ELP Program · 11:54am September 18th, 2014
I think school uniforms are not very smart because when you're wearing a school uniform, you can't show who you really are. Some people show who they are in how they dress, like someone sporty will wear shorts and a t-shirt and someone who isn't as sporty will wear skirts and a dress to show who they are.

Our Middle School Choir Concert

By Vinton Today · 10:11am May 27th, 2014
The Vinton-Shellsburg choir concert performances by the Middle School singers included many Jr. Journalists, who shared their thoughts about the concert afterwards: On May 19th, the 6th-12th grade performed a concert at the Vinton Shellsburg Middle School. First the 6th graders performed then the 7th and so on.

Jr. Journalists review their school year

By Vinton Today · 7:51am May 20th, 2014
How i feel about the school year is good. I like music because it fun to sing. What I don't like about the school year is all the drama because of all the boyfriend drama and well people accusing people of stuff. One more thing I like like is to see all my friends and hang out with all my favorite people like my best friend Kiley.

My favorite teacher...

By Vinton Today · 7:49am May 20th, 2014
My favorite teacher is Mrs. Martin. She is my music teacher and I love to sing in her class. She challenges me to sing with my entire voice. She is the best. - Haley Mr.Frazier is my favorite because he is so fun. He always let us do fun activity. We did adventures, planted trees, learn and most of all have fun.

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