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VGH: Iowa's new privatized Medicaid and our patients

By Virginia Gay Hospital · 6:05pm November 16th, 2015
We think it is important for our patients, members of our community, and those whose loved ones receive Medicaid support to be aware of recent plans to change Iowa’s Medicaid program. First, some basic facts. Iowa’s Medicaid program serves approximately 560,000 people in the state, almost 1 in 5 Iowa residents.

Two Iowa deaths from influenza: Iowa among three states with most flu activity

By Virginia Gay Hospital · 12:28pm November 16th, 2015
With the deaths of two middle-aged males reported today by the Iowa Department of Public Health, Virginia Gay Hospital and Clinics want to remind our communities that influenza is deadly and flu vaccines are still available. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 300,000 Iowans will get the flu each year and together with its complications some 1,000 Iowans will die.

Health care professionals share Medicaid MCO concerns with legislators

By Dean Close · 10:46am November 16th, 2015
Nearly 20 area health care providers gathered last Thursday at the Van Horne Community Center to discuss with State Rep. Dawn Pettengill and State Sen. Tim Kapucian the impending changes to the Medicaid system in Iowa. In August, Gov. Terry Branstad announced that four companies had been selected to provide services under a “Medicaid Modernization” plan set to begin Jan.

Virginia Gay highlights veterans John and Bertha Pohlmann

By Virginia Gay Hospital · 10:35am November 10th, 2015
John Pohlmann, known for his good humor and kindness, seems an unlikely volunteer for the Marine Corps during one of America’s most deadly conflicts; the Korean War. More unlikely still, he carried the Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR), a big, heavy machine gun shooting .30-06 ammunition at rates as high as 650 rounds per minute.

December WOW Newsletter

By Benton County Extension · 12:09pm November 9th, 2015
Click to view!

National Survivors of Suicide Day

By Virginia Gay Hospital · 9:25am November 9th, 2015
November 22nd is National Survivors of Suicide Day; a day to take stock of the emotional cost of suicide by remembering and comforting those who are still with us but who have lost a loved one, a dear friend, or a fond acquaintance to suicide. Hardly a person in any community can say they haven’t been affected by suicide or the mental illnesses that lead to it.

Mumps alert from the University of Iowa

By Virginia Gay Hospital · 1:37pm November 6th, 2015
Since July more than 100 cases of mumps have occurred at the University of Iowa and the numbers have been increasing in recent weeks. Cases are primarily occurring in undergraduate students. As a result the Iowa Department of Public Health, the University of Iowa, and Johnson County Public Health, are recommending that University of Iowa students who are less than 25 years of age should be given a third (or "booster") dose of mumps vaccine (MMR vaccine).

Breast Cancer Survivors to meet November 9th

By Janet Woodhouse · 10:24am November 4th, 2015
Breast Cancer Survivors Please note change of meeting date! We will meet Monday, November 9 at 5:30 p.m. for dinner and conversation at Windsor Manor in the dining room. Free will donation for the meal. Have you read a book about cancer that you found helpful or entertaining? Please bring the title to share.

Indoor Walking Available aat the Vinton Skate & Activity Center

By Vinton Parks & Recreation · 10:21am November 4th, 2015
Mondays through Friday November through February 8 AM – 9 AM at the Vinton Skate & Activity Center. By popular demand, we are now at 5 days a week at the Skate Center for indoor walking. Everybody now has the option of selecting the days during the week that work best for their schedule for keeping winter fit! To maintain ongoing supervisor costs, VPRD is asking all participants to contribute a nominal daily admission charge of 50 cents per day.

Kapucian and Pettengill to Host a Provider Managed Care Meeting

By State Representative, Dawn Pettengill · 7:41pm November 2nd, 2015
State Senator Tim Kapucian of Keystone and State Representative Dawn Pettengill of Mt. Auburn will host a managed care meeting for health providers of House District 75 on November 12th in Van Horne. This is an opportunity for health care providers to meet their state lawmakers, ask questions, offer suggestions and tell them of their experiences.

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