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Health and Fitness

Fight Off Food Poisoning

By Virginia Gay Hospital · 9:22am July 28th, 2014 · 17 hours ago
In warm-weather months, who doesn’t love to get outside for picnics, backyard gatherings, and of course delicious foods? But high temperatures raise your chance of getting sick from things you eat. Learn how to handle food properly to avoid the misery of food poisoning. It can be hard to keep foods safe to eat during warmer weather.

Staying Healthy at the Pool and Beach

By Virginia Gay Hospital · 9:30am July 25th, 2014
Summer is a great time to go out and have fun in the water. But recreational waters—including swimming pools, lakes and oceans—can sometimes get contaminated with bacteria and viruses. Swimming in contaminated water can make you and your family sick. The most common illnesses caused by contaminated water are stomach and intestinal upsets, usually with vomiting or diarrhea.

A Polio-Free U.S. Thanks to Vaccine Efforts

By Virginia Gay Hospital · 9:37am July 24th, 2014
Thanks to effective vaccine, the United States has been polio-free since 1979. But poliovirus is still a threat in some countries. Be part of the success story and get your child vaccinated on schedule. Polio, or poliomyelitis, is an infectious viral disease that can strike at any age and affects a person's nervous system.

Depression recovery program to begin soon; informational meeting July 28

By Joanne Mayhew · 12:09pm July 16th, 2014
A nine-week depression recovery program will begin on Monday, Aug. 4, at 7 p.m. at the Vinton Community Service Hall at 409 A Avenue in Vinton. The program by Dr. Nedley's Health Solutions will take place on nine consecutive Mondays. An informational meeting/registration event will take place at 7 p.

Remember sun safet during RAGBRAI; sunburn, dehydration concerns continue

By Iowa Dept. Of Public Health · 12:04pm July 16th, 2014
The Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) reminds the thousands of bicyclists and volunteers participating in the 42nd Des Moines Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI) to protect themselves from the sun and heat. “Sunscreen and water are two must-have items for anyone exercising outdoors and it’s especially critical for those participating in extended outdoor events like this one,” said IDPH Medical Director, Dr.

5 Things You Should Know About Yoga

By Virginia Gay Hospital · 8:39am July 11th, 2014
Yoga typically combines physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation or relaxation. Researchers are studying how yoga may be used to help improve health and to learn more about its safe use. If you’re thinking about practicing yoga, here are 5 things you should know: 1. Studies suggest that yoga may be beneficial for a number of conditions, including pain.

Storing Memories of Recent Events

By Virginia Gay Hospital · 7:32am July 9th, 2014
Memories of recent events may be held by a small number of neurons distributed across the brain’s hippocampus, a new study suggests. Understanding how the brain stores memories will yield insights into memory problems that come with normal aging and dementia. The hippocampus plays a critical role in memory.

Preventing Mosquito Bites

By Virginia Gay Hospital · 10:28am July 7th, 2014
Stay healthy this summer. Protect yourself and your loved ones from mosquito bites that cause West Nile virus infection. Mosquito bites can be more than just itchy and annoying. They can cause you to get sick. The most effective way to avoid West Nile virus disease is to prevent mosquito bites. Be aware of the West Nile virus activity in your area and take action to protect yourself and your family.

Million Hearts Initiative

By Virginia Gay Hospital · 4:42pm July 2nd, 2014
The Million Hearts initiative announces the launch of a new Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Resource Center, developed in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Eating-Well magazine. The resource center features lower-sodium, heart-healthy recipes and family-friendly meal plans, with an emphasis on managing sodium intake, a major contributor to high blood pressure and heart disease.

Live Life. Give Life.

By Vinton Unlimited · 11:05am July 2nd, 2014
On Wednesday, July 23 from 1-6pm, the American Red Cross will be holding a blood drive in the cafeteria of the high school. Help save a life, give blood! Contact Olivia Oltrogge at 319-929-7544 or Brea Burroughs at 319-540-0111 By donating at this blood drive you will be helping one or more graduating seniors earn a scholarship!

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