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Health and Fitness

If you have chronic pain think about this

By Virginia Gay Hospital · 9:43am April 25th, 2016
Pain is real but your mind amplifies what the body feels, especially at night when it's quiet. Paradoxically, a quieter mind might just be what you need to help alleviate pain. As you feel pain it's easy to say things like, "this is terrible, I can't stand this any more." You may worry that the pain is going to get worse and the more tense and irritable you become the more you hurt.

Health Careers class plans Red Cross blood drive Friday at VSHS

By Dean Close · 3:28pm April 20th, 2016
Vinton-Shellsburg's Health Careers class is hosting a Red Cross blood drive on Friday April 22, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the auxiliary gym. If the class reaches its goal for units of blood it will receive a scholarship for its seniors. Appointments for the general public are available (call 319-436-4728 ext.

Specialty health care available at Virginia Gay Hospital

By Virginia Gay Hospital · 6:36pm April 18th, 2016
If you're facing the time and expense of traveling for specialty care, remember, you can access specialists at Virginia Gay in Vinton. Specialists available through Virginia Gay include cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, pulmonology, psychiatry, podiatry, ear nose and throat, and nephrology. The complete schedule of Virginia Gay’s specialty clinics can be accessed by clicking here.

Pain clinic available at Virginia Gay for those suffering from chronic pain

By Virginia Gay Hospital · 12:42pm April 18th, 2016
If you are one of the 100 million Americans experiencing chronic pain, you're not alone and there are treatments available that go well beyond pain pills. Welcome to Keith Barnhill and the Virginia Gay Pain Clinic. The pain clinic at Virginia Gay takes a holistic approach to pain and therapies can include mindfulness, hypnosis, physical therapy and much, much more.

Abuse Prevention Month celebrates the role everyone plays in strengthening families and communities. This April, BID and Prevent Child Abuse Iowa are joining communities across the nation in celebrating the small actions people take every day that make a big difference in children’s lives. Actions can include bringing a meal to a new parent, listening to someone’s story or organizing a neighborhood activity.

Words on Wellness, May Edition

By Benton County Extension · 1:16pm April 12th, 2016
The May edition of the Words on Wellness (WOW) newsletter features: · Gardening: Top 10 Vegetables to Grow and Eat for Health · Recipe for Summer Bounty Salad · Clean Your Way to a Safer Kitchen · Your Brain on Exercise? Click to view

Community discussion on drugs, underage drinking set for April 25

By David Condry · 11:14am April 6th, 2016
The Benton County Above the Influence Coalition is inviting community members to discuss drug use and underage drinking with law enforcement and substance abuse professionals. The discussion will take place from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Monday, April 25, in the Virginia Gay Hospital cafeteria. Specific topics will include the impact of drug use on our community, why underage drinking remains a major concern, what steps area leaders are taking to address those issues and how individuals can become involved.

April WOW Newsletter

By Benton County Extension · 5:19pm March 14th, 2016
The April WOW newsletter which highlights legumes and pulses, a recipe for lentil tacos, food safety protection in Iowa, and how to overcome the top barrier for engaging in physical activity, can be seen HERE.

Workshop to focus on treating anxious children, May 16

By Vinton Today · 8:41am March 9th, 2016
A free workshop, entitled, "Effective Strategies for Treating the Angry, the Anxious and the Depressed Child." will take place May 16. Participants will learn about four different topics: Fight or Flight—participants will learn about this hardwired response, what causes it, why it can be problematic and what role it plays in anxiety and anger.

Free training session to focus on impact of domestic abuse on children

By Vinton Today · 10:48am March 7th, 2016
A local training session concerning the impact of domestic violence on children will provide an overview of domestic violence dynamics including the definition of domestic violence, as well as a discussion of some myths and facts, causes of domestic violence and batterer tactics. The training will focus on how domestic violence affects children who live with it along with how to support children and survivors that live or have lived with domestic violence.

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