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Health and Fitness

Vinton Community Red Cross Blood Drive, September 17

By Kristie Davis · 1:30pm August 25th, 2015
THE NEXT VINTON COMMUNITY RED CROSS BLOOD DRIVE will be held Thursday, September 17, from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the Vinton Skate and Activity Center. Four $10 VISA gift cards will be given away. For an appointment contact Kristie at 472-4292 or davcdavis@q.com. Walk-ins are welcome.

Taking concussions seriously: Cognitive test helps protect VS students

By Dean Close · 10:41am August 21st, 2015
Have you ever tried to explain the effect of a concussion to someone who did not understand it? My first attempt at this came on Friday, Sept. 13, 1974. I had been playing sandlot football at recess with my third-grade peers and while running a pass route I was cruelly blind-sided by a utility pole.

Virginia Gay Hospital to host blood drive, September 11

By Life Serve Blood Center · 10:18am August 19th, 2015
What’s the first group of people that comes to mind when you think of blood transfusions? Trauma victims? Those patients’ lives are certainly saved with donated blood, but the bulk of blood transfusions go to people battling cancer! LifeServe Blood Center is proud to be the blood provider for local hospitals.

September WOW newsletter: Tips ffor healthy living

By Benton County Extension · 12:41pm August 14th, 2015
The September WOW newsletter is here! It highlights how to make a recipe for safe food, recipe for broccoli salad, superfoods: more than kale and quinoa, and ways to get moving in your community. Take a few minutes to take a look here!

What are those 'Prescription drug drop boxes I have heard about?

By Lindsey Ungs, CPS · 7:59pm August 3rd, 2015
In college I was shocked to find out that some of my peers were using prescription drugs to study harder, longer hours. That was in 2007. Currently at the Area Substance Abuse Council, our treatment assessment statistics show an increase in prescription drug abuse. In the past year, we have seen a large increase in clients that state prescription drugs are their primary addiction.

Parenting and Prevention

By Curt Wheeler, Prevention Specialist · 11:22am July 31st, 2015
As school approaches some parents may be wondering or perhaps even worrying about what kind of “crowd” their kid will gravitate to and what will there kid be “into?” We as parents work hard to instill values and skills that we hope will help our kids be successful, but have we adequately prepared them? When it comes to substance abuse prevention, there are values and skills that can increase resilience, which can decrease the likelihood that a kid will choose to use drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or vaporizers.

Alcohol and your college student

By Lindsey Elam, ASAC · 8:47am July 31st, 2015
You made it! You gave them a hug goodbye, wiped away your tears, and told them to be safe and have fun. After 18 hard years, you have successfully dropped your kid off at college. While it may seem like you should be able to kick back now (and I am sure you deserve it), did you know that staying active and involved with your child at college can still impact how successful they can be at college? According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), your college freshman will establish their drinking habits within th...

Greg Walston's VGH Therapy Experience - from Thrive Magazine

By Virginia Gay Hospital · 4:18pm July 30th, 2015
When people told Greg Walston his walk made him look like he was 90 years old, he shrugged it off. To him, he just walked like a Walston; his dad had hip problems and two uncles had hip replacement surgery, so hip problems run in his family. But after struggling with pain for several years, reality came calling in the form of an x-ray and a conversation with Dr.

Multiple Myeloma support group to meet July 25

By Vinton Today · 10:19am June 29th, 2015
The Cedar Rapids Multiple Myeloma Support Group will meet Saturday, July 25 NOTICE TIME/DATE CHANGE THIS MONTH ONLY When: Saturday, July 25, 12:30 pm , lunch served, RSVP to contact below Where: Hall-Perrine Cancer Center, Community Room Topic: New chemotherapy to treat myeloma Speaker: Dr.

Life Serve blood drives set for Keystone, Vinton

By Vinton Today · 11:55am June 24th, 2015
The Life Serve Blood Center is planning two upcoming Give an hour to save lives at an upcoming blood drives: Keystone Community Blood Drive, Tuesday, July 7, 2015 from 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM at St John Lutheran Church, 201 4th Ave. Virginia Gay Hospital and Vinton Community Blood Drive, Friday, July 10, 2015 from 1:00 PM - 5:30 PM at Virginia Gay Hospital, 502 N 9th Ave.

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