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Health and Fitness

Benton County Celebrates 90% Alcohol Compliance Rating

By Lindsey Ungs, CPS · 12:08pm July 6th, 2016
The Benton County Above the Influence Coalition, the Area Substance Abuse Council, and the Benton County Sheriff’s Department collaborated to complete alcohol compliance checks for Benton County in February of this year. Benton County businesses had a 90% compliance rate, a respectable rate, although it remains the same as the rate in the spring of 2014.

Online safety tips for parents of teens

By Virginia Gay Hospital · 11:01am July 6th, 2016
As adults we know our kids don’t always exercise great judgment. When bad judgement is on display through social media the damage is multiplied and shared with the entire world. Worse yet, there are creepy people who actively look for kids to be “friends” with. Keeping up with all the new social media sites, their dangers and privacy settings sometimes feels like an impossible task.

Forget the 'sports physical?'

By Virginia Gay Hospital · 11:03am June 6th, 2016
Remember the olds “sports physical”? Here’s a better idea. Use the expanded health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act to take advantage of your insurance plan’s “health maintenance exam,” AND fulfill the requirement for your student to participate in sports as well.

Pool to open Saturday!

By Vinton Parks & Recreation · 11:23am May 26th, 2016
The Vinton Community Swimming Pool will open to the public for the summer season on Saturday, May 28th. We will be on a regular hour schedule for the weekend and all of next week. Also, just a reminder that Thursday, May 26th is the last day to save a little cash by getting your preseason discounted Family and Single pool passes for $10 less than regular rates.

Keystone Blood Drive June 6

By Life Serve Blood Center · 1:55pm May 23rd, 2016
LifeServe Blood Center is asking donors to step up and donate blood this summer to prevent a shortage in the community blood supply. Summer brings school break, weddings, vacations and outdoor fun, but as schedules fill up, blood donation appointments are often forgotten or pushed to the back burner.

UnityPoint Clinic Family Medicine Shellsburg relocating

By UnityPoint Health – St. Luke’s Hospital · 2:15am May 17th, 2016
After more than 15 years of providing care to patients in Shellsburg, the UnityPoint Clinic Family Medicine is being forced to relocate. UnityPoint Clinic was recently informed its lease would be terminated at the end of June. The Clinic is currently located at 400 Canton St., Suite B in Shellsburg. Starting July 5, UnityPoint Clinic Shellsburg Nurse Practitioner Julie Hoffmann will care for patients at the UnityPoint Clinic Family Medicine Vinton location, which is located at 1803 C Ave.

June WOW Newsletter

By Benton County Extension · 12:46pm May 13th, 2016
The attached June WOW newsletter features: · Kalettes – a new vegetable that is a cross between kale and brussels sprouts · Recipe for roasted Kalettes · Tips for storing fresh produce · Summertime physical activity ideas Click to view

Latest News and Events from Virginia Gay Nursing & Rehab

By Virginia Gay Hospital · 12:39pm May 4th, 2016
Catch up on recent events at Virginia Gay Nursing & Rehab by downloading the Spring Edition of their newsletter, "Nursing & Rehab Anchor". In this issue, you'll learn more about the new dietician, Sara Wattnem, and some exciting changes with their menus. For more information about Virginia Gay Nursing & Rehab, visit their website.

Breast Cancer Survivors to meet May 9th

By Janet Woodhouse · 7:36pm May 1st, 2016
Breast Cancer Survivors We will meet Monday, May 9th at 5:30 p.m. for dinner and conversation at Windsor Manor in the dining room. Reservations not required but appreciated. Meal donation of $5 is appreciated. Please call Angie Tharp 472-2994, Lisa Staab 472-5255 or Janet Woodhouse 472-4862 to make a reservation.

If you have chronic pain think about this

By Virginia Gay Hospital · 9:43am April 25th, 2016
Pain is real but your mind amplifies what the body feels, especially at night when it's quiet. Paradoxically, a quieter mind might just be what you need to help alleviate pain. As you feel pain it's easy to say things like, "this is terrible, I can't stand this any more." You may worry that the pain is going to get worse and the more tense and irritable you become the more you hurt.

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