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Mike Riege discusses the history of the clinic and the benefits of the renovation project.

Virginia Gay Hospital and Clinic leaders gathered in Van Horne on Friday to celebrate the completion of the renovation/expansion project, which includes adding another 1,100 square feet to the existing 2,200, and substantially enlarging the patient parking area.

Funding for the $450,000 expansion and renovation was allocated for structural improvements, new patient examination rooms, new laboratory and nursing station, improved waiting rooms, and needed storage space. Patients now are greeted with an expanded and accessible parking lot, new sidewalks and an attractive facade.

VGH leaders also reminded area residents of the history of the facility. Below is a timeline of the changes:

1936-1980 Dr. Dutton, practice located where it currently is.
1980-1986 Drs. Anthony and Weideman/Vinton Clinic
1986-1997 STL Health Resources (St. Luke's)
1992 Rita (current provider) started
1997 VGH Purchased and it became Van Horne Family Medical Clinic
1999 Building expanded to twice its former size
2014 Building again expanded to twice its former size
See a story about Dr. Dutton HERE.

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