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Tree of Lights - Donate Today

Thank you very much for being a loyal supporter of Virginia Gay Hospital & Clinics. Your consistent financial commitment helps keep us strong and your trust in the work we do for the people of Benton County is extremely gratifying. Our commitment to you is to continue the Tradition of Healing thmailerat you have come to expect from the medical providers and employees of Virginia Gay Hospital & Clinics.

Celebrating our 21st year, the annual Tree of Lights fundraising campaign helps Virginia Gay Hospital and Clinics, a not-for-profit organization, purchase crucial medical instruments to better serve our community. Past Tree of Light campaigns have funded these purchases: Surgical Equipment, Pediatric Oxygen Sensors, EKG Equipment, Call Light Systems, Plethysmographs, Digital Mammography Equipment, Van with Lift Conversion, Treadmills, Bipap Machines, AED’s, NuStep for Nursing & Rehab, Ultrasound PICC Line System, and much more.

Your donation this year will help fund the long-awaited expansion and renovation of the Van Horne Family Medical Clinic; purchase a new vest/chest physiotheraphy system to aid Respiratory Therapy patients; and new imaging plates and cassettes for X-ray, a NuStep and treadmill for cardiac rehab, digital pediatric scales for the ER and Acute Care; three sleep apnea screening devices, and more.

Every dollar matters and you can help now by making a donation to the Tree of Lights campaign today:
Virginia Gay Health Care Foundation
502 N 9th Avenue
Vinton, IA 52349

Personalize your Tree of Light gift, in memory/honor of; with your donation form. Donation Forms are available online for download on the VGH Foundation website, click here.

On behalf of the Virginia Gay Hospital Health Care Foundation Board,
with Sincere Appreciation,
Mike Timmermans, VGH Healthcare Foundation Director

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