All charges are subject to review by the Benton County Attorney's Office. An arrest or criminal charge is merely an accusation and the Defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty. Intrastate Warrants are issued by Law Enforcement Agencies for crimes happening in their jurisdictions.

Adult Arrests

December 6 Justin D. Wheeler 30 Vinton

Charged with Assault (Simple Misdemeanor).

December 9 Danielle K. Wulff 26 Vinton

Charged with Theft 2nd Degree (Class “D” Felony).

December 9 Misty D. Hearn 30 Vinton

Charged with Theft 2nd Degree (Class “D” Felony).

December 11 Travis D. Ockenfels 27 Urbana

Charged with Operating While Intoxicated - 2nd Offense

(Aggravated Misdemeanor), Driving While Revoked (Serious

Misdemeanor), and Failure to Maintain Control (Simple


December 11 David E. Detweiler 39 Cedar Rapids

Charged with Burglary 2nd Degree (Class “D” Felony),

Interference With Official Acts in Possession of a Firearm

(Class “D” Felony), Control of a Firearm by a Domestic

Abuse Offender Class “D” Felony), Carrying Weapons

(Aggravated Misdemeanor), Public Intoxication - 2nd Offense

(Serious Misdemeanor), and Driving While Suspended

(Simple Misdemeanor).

December 18 Heather N. Karrick 42 Vinton

Intrastate Warrant

December 19 Kristian J. Nefzger 18 Vinton

Charged with Sexual Abuse 3rd Degree (Class “C” Felony),

Lascivious Acts With a Child (Class “C” Felony), and

Indecent Contact with a Child (Aggravated Misdemeanor).

Four citations were issued in December. None resulted from one state reportable traffic accidents, two for curfew violations, and the

remainder for other traffic offenses.

Fourteen written warning were issued in December.

Eight parking/street storage/snow removal violations violations were issued in December.

For the month of December, 127 complaints/calls for service were handled by the Vinton Police Department.

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