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Linda Betsinger McCann will be speaking on her newest book, The Cedar Valley Road, on Thursday, November 1, at 7 pm at the La Porte City Library. The Cedar Valley Road is the nickname for the WCF&N, which was an electric train running between Waverly and Cedar Rapids in the early 1900s. The Waterloo, Cedar Falls, & Northern Railway operated for over fifty years and impacted many lives during its existence. Even now, people can recall the conductor on ‘their’ car, or talk about riding the ‘trolley’ to college. Farmers rode the northern Iowa rail to town to sell their produce and factories in Waterloo shipped by the Cedar Valley Road.

Read the history and the memories of over sixty Cedar Valley residents who rode the interurban in the new book The Cedar Valley Road.

Linda Betsinger McCann has been researching genealogy for about thirty years. It was only when her oldest granddaughter was born that she realized she needed to put her information into readable form, and she wrote a biography of her grandmother. That pursuit wetted her appetite, and she has written several bios since.

She also began researching the history of the Iowa area where she lives. Linda’s great-grandparents settled in Iowa as early as the 1850s, and the seventh generation of her family lives in her hometown presently.

Linda is president and a founding member of the Shell Rock historical society and spends much of her time researching local history. The Cedar Valley Road is her fourteenth book. Lost Bremer County is her fifteenth book, and third in the series of the Vanished Towns of the Cedar Valley. She is currently working on Linn and Cedar Counties. She also has a page on facebook called Lost Towns of Iowa. She would love for you to friend her there. She will have copies of all her books to sell.

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