Vinton Guild Of Fine Arts is getting ready for the Benton County Fall Arts Festival. This art festival will be located at the new Nature Center just West of the Rodgers Lake County Park located just north of Vinton at 5718 – 20th Ave. Dr.

The Festival will be open to the public 9am to 4pm September 13th. This arts festival is going to be in conjunction with the Idiot Jam, the Garrison Library and the Benton County Conservation.

The Benton County Conservation has graciously invited the Vinton Guild Of Fine Arts to hold this art festival at the new Nature Center. The Library Committee will be present to sell refreshments. Many of the musicians performing in the Idiot Jam will be there relaxing in the shade and practicing their blue grass and folk music before the concert in Garrison that evening in the Mercantile Building. This is an event to raise money for the Garrison Library. The old Garrison Library was destroyed in the wind storm of 2011.


The Vinton guild Of Fine Arts will be donating much of the booth fees and some refreshments to the Garrison Library to sell during the Benton County Fall Arts Festival. If you are a business or a non profit organization and would like to get involved please contact Angela Dague

The Benton County Conservation has almost completed the new Nature Center and it is beautiful. Naturalist Karen Phelps and Aaron Askelson have been working very hard to make this center a fantastic place to visit. They have many plans for the future of the new Nature Center. Take the time to stop out during the Art Festival and talk to them. The Benton County Conservation also has the Old Creamery Nature Trail as well. The Nature Trail runs right past the New Garrison Library and there are plans to provide a resting stop next to the library for those taking advantage of the trail.

Artists click here Artist Entry Form – Fall 2014 to reserve your booth space.

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Just to make it clear where the concert will be in the evening. It is at THE FARMERS MERCANTILE HALL 100 WEST MAIN in Garrison.
By: Charlotta Toth-Fisher on September 1st 5:50pm

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