We need your help! Zach and Ashlie Loeb, a young couple from La Porte City, are facing many unknown health issues and mounting medical bills. Their fairytale started on July 23, 2013, in a hospital chapel where Zach’s mother, Susan Loeb, was dying of colon cancer that had spread to her liver. Four days later, Zach held his mother in his arms as she took her last breath. As if this wasn’t enough for the newlyweds, six months later, on January 3, 2014, Zach was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Five days later, January 8, 2014, Zach and Ashlie learned that their unborn child has multiple cysts on his left kidney, which was also failing. Zach’s unique kind of testicular cancer, Sertoli, is very rare. Because of its rarity, there is no current radiation or chemo treatment available. Zach’s best option is to have surgery that will remove the lymph nodes. Of course, one of the many side effects of this surgery would be infertility. Zach’s surgery will be on March 7, 2014, in Rochester, MN. Two days prior to his surgery, Zach and Ashlie will drive to Iowa City for testing to find out the extent of their unborn child’s kidney failure and what will need to be done after his birth.

There will be a benefit on March 29, 2014 at the Dysart Country Club to raise money to help defray some of the medical bills that Zach and Ashlie are facing with Zach’s surgery and their unborn child’s kidney condition, and to help with expenses as they face uncertain times ahead.

We are asking for any type of donation, monetary, or otherwise that can be auctioned off to raise money for this family. We would like to have all donations turned in or picked up no later than March 22, 2014. For information about the benefit, to make a contribution, or to send a donation please contact:

Jamie Bucknell Mike Nelsestuen bucknell.jamie@gmail.com mn68_@hotmail.com

319-215-9169 319-464-5059

Also, donations can be made to an online account HERE

Click HERE to view flyer.

Thank you for your support.

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It would be helpful to know how much short the family's insurance is.
By: Mayla Johnson on February 27th 10:12am

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