February 13th through the 15th is our Annual Mini-Masters Golf Tournament around Vinton. Businesses are encouraged to host a hole and the general public is encouraged to play!
If you're a business, what we need from you is a "Yes" or "No." Are you planning on participating by hosting a mini-golf hole at your business this year? Let us know by January 10th, so we can start getting the word out and the scorecards created.

It's a fun, simple way to get traffic through your store and showcase new merchandise to players. Be creative and integrate your products or services in the design of your mini-golf hole. Take this opportunity to welcome people into your store and create a memorable experience for them.

We need an idea of who is going to participate this year along with the hours your business will be available to host golfers. Many people do their best to get around to every hole, so when you tell us you're going to participate, also let us know what hours golfers can stop in to play from February 13th through the 15th.

There were over 20 businesses that participated last year and I would love to have even more take this opportunity to get traffic through your store this year!


Nathan Hesson
Vinton Unlimited

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