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Build Supplies, Gain Skills, Know Others

Although Project Joseph’s (PJ 's) initial aim has been to raise awareness of the need to prepare before an emergency, we also want to offer opportunities to gain knowledge and skills so you can start in this process.

Toward the end of this article, we ask you to let us know if you are interested in attending any of the 3 classes or events listed below.

As you consider the above title; build supplies, gain skills, know others, it becomes apparent that disaster preparedness is not a fad or trend, but perhaps better described as a lifestyle or posture one could develop and maintain all the time.

We usually cannot control how hard, deep or long a disaster will affect our area, but how RESILIENT we have become before it happens is up to us!


PJ has written about having water and food stored in your home as well as having emergency supplies gathered in an emergency bag.

Becoming familiar with preparedness issues, comparing items and prices, etc, can take time, but believe me, eventually a level of comfort settles in. If you know others who are like-minded, it becomes easier. Be patient with yourself. None of us knows everything. And yes, we have all made some mistakes in our choices, but we have made many right ones too!

Preparing ahead of time can decrease fears, and reduce your potential personal losses, physically and emotionally. Children can better handle distressing times if they have been allowed to help in the preparations.


If our economy wavers or the expected routines we enjoy are interrupted for an extended period, less tangible resources like your knowledge and the skills you have can be the worth their weight in gold. Or should we say worth more than the weight of gold!

Even our city, or county, could seem like a “wilderness” if no emergency services are available for days or weeks. Knowing CPR and first aid will likely be a great asset.

What one lacks in some skills, perhaps can be paid for in sharing advice or food, or an extra can opener, tool or other skill.

Any time or money spent gaining skills that make you more resilient to disasters is a good investment.

Consider taking a Master Gardener course if you’ve ever wanted to. Also consider cooking and canning classes, car and engine repair, basic plumbing or electrician class, sewing class, HAM radio operators class, etc.

Consider paying more attention to the classes offered right here in our neighborhood, like Kirkwood, BentonCountyNatureCenter, and others. Earlier this fall, the Nature Center Naturalists, Karen Phelps and Aaron Askelson offered classes on dutch-oven cooking (no electricity) and a survival class, including how to start a fire and build an outdoor shelter. Christmas gifts this year could include items or classes that encourage a person to be more resilient in times of distress.


Lets just say it - we need each other. We all want to be cared for, have our needs met and feel loved and understood.

In times of distress and disaster, this is even more true.

WHO has need? WHO may need more encouragement and assistance? WHO can prioritize after the initial impact of a disaster? WHO has the knowledge and skill for a certain problem, i.e. plumbing, how to use a skid loader, how to cook for 100 people? WHO can best care for the emotionally or mentally devastated? WHO can organize and lead others?

Networking is so important. Being resilient in the face of disaster is the goal, personally and as a community.

Project Joseph offers some classes or events.

1) HAM Radio class- Classes will be Monday evenings December 30th through January 20, from 6:30 to 8 PM, at Harvest Christian Fellowship Church, 1201 C Ave, Vinton.

Register by calling 319-472-2434 and leave a message with your name and phone number, or contact us at Walk-ins are welcome!

Cost of class FREE

Optional study material $20

Test date is January 23 and costs $14

License is good for 10 years.

Cost of basic equipment for start-up operation $35-$510

2) Wilderness First Aid course- (in the spring 2014) When dialing 9-1-1is not an option….

Wilderness First Aid course offered through the American Red Cross. This course teaches first aid skills for situations where better-trained help is delayed by more than 30 minutes. Help can certainly be delayed after a disaster of any kind, but this is also an every-day concern for people who live outside of town where any kind of medical emergency that occurs before your county road has been plowed could quickly become very serious.

Course would cost approximately $140 per person and would be offered in April if there is enough interest.

The course is 16 hours over two days. It can be offered as a Saturday/Sunday or as two consecutive Saturdays depending on preference of those who register. Certification is from American Red Cross and is valid for two years.

NOTE: This course is very interactive consisting of both classroom style learning with discussions and hands-on practice scenarios with course participants playing the role of both victim and caregiver.


· Current CPR certification is required. A CPR/AEDclass by local providers will be offered prior to this course. The cost for the CPR certification course will be approximately $25.

· Participants must be at least 16 years old and mature enough to discuss and role-play emergency situations.

· Prior first aid training is recommended

3) Food Tasting Event- (in the spring 2014) We are considering letting folks get a chance to sample items of prepared long term storage food. We have a variety of items, entree's, desserts, condiments, etc. Other activities may be included at this event and be announced later. If you have considered purchasing long term storage food, but are not sure what you are getting yourself into, this event may help you decide!

Project Joseph would ask that if you are interested in any of the above, please e-mail us at or call 319-472-2434 and leave a message. Thank-you !

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