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Meet the artists: Paul Roster recently expanded his painting subjects to include things on wheels.

As the first-ever Art Festival at Celebration Park approaches, Vinton Today will be introducing our readers to the artists whose work will be on display in the park on June 21.

Today's featured artist is Paul Roster, one of the leaders of the new Vinton Guild of Fine Arts.

Paul has recently made the decision to make art his full-time career.

"Since I made the decision and set a goal to make my artwork a full time occupation doors have been opening with every turn," says Paul. "I am so excited about the art guild and already I have seen it change lives, including my own. I feel like I am where I belong, it has been a long time since I have felt like I am a part of something that has so much momentum behind it."

Paul is also excited about the new opportunities the art guild is presenting to area art lovers and artists alike.

"The members of the guild are very passionate about seeing this organization succeed," he said. "They are pulling out all of the stops. Don Eells has been a godsend to the Vinton guild of fine arts. He has selflessly given his time and money to help this nonprofit organization get a foot hold in our community. I am proud to be a part of this great venture."

More about Paul Roster

Paul has been producing artwork and selling it to many satisfied customers for over 30 years. It wasn't until recently that he began pursuing his art as a full-time occupation. Paul is a self-taught artist, although he took as many art classes in high school as possible. Paul's dad, Larry painted wildlife and mountain scenery and was a big influence on him. Larry started teaching Paul oil painting at a very early age. A bit later on in his teens Paul spent hours studying the work of his favorite artists, Maynard Reece and Larry Zack, just to name a couple. Paul would sit for hours looking at his favorite artists work, trying to figure out the techniques, and their use of light and shadow.

Paul started out strictly as a wildlife artist and it wasn't until 2011 that he realized that he was under a lot of stress trying to design and create a great wildlife painting. Paul never felt that he had anything that was print-worthy. He was beginning to lose interest and was feeling defeated. Paul then realized that he needed to paint for his enjoyment. He began looking for landscapes that he would enjoy painting and that is when he realized there were all kinds of great subjects for paintings all around him.

In 2013 Paul released his first open edition print on canvas, ‘My Old Trike.’ Paul now has five paintings that have been printed to date and that number is just the beginning of his goal that he has set for himself. Paul enjoys painting rusty old vehicles and old barns. Paul can paint most anything. When he is not working on his own original paintings he is busy working on commissioned paintings for his customers. A recently-completed project, a painting of a GT 500 Mustang, is a commissioned painting Paul painted for a customer.

See Paul's website HERE.

See more about the art guild and upcoming festival HERE.

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That painting sure looks familiar :) It looks great hanging in our new house living room! It goes nicely with the Barn painting hanging in the hall to our basement as well. You're an amazing artist! Congrats on this being a full time thing for you now.
By: Fairbanks Family on May 20th 10:13pm

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