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Long-time ACT 1 performer Rick Primmer loves being on stage with his family.

ACT 1, says long-time performer Rick Primmer, is all about family – including the three generations of his family who have performed on stage together, and the family of performers he has grown to love through the local community theatre.

"What is it that motivates me to be involved with Act 1? I would have to say that Act 1 has allowed my family the chance to perform together on stage,” says Rick.

Rick and three other members of his family – his father-in-law, Bill Travis; his wife, Pamela; and his granddaughter, Ella Haefner – are involved in the Act 1 production of “Sometimes a Rainbow.”

“In case you aren't counting that is 3 out of 4 generations,” says Rick. “What a hoot is to have my family involved. Ella simply loves the theater, and the chance to perform live on stage. In some of the past Act 1 productions our grandson Wesley Haefner has also been involved as a member of the performing cast. My mother-in-law, Judy Travis has been involved in the "Green Room" with assisting the actors with their makeup, my sister-in-law Susan Travis has helped the actresses with their hair before other Act 1 performances as well. And I am excited to say this time around, Susan has stepped out from behind the scenes and on to the stage.”

Rick is also pleased to see another newcomer to the Act 1 family joining him and his family on stage.

“That is our good, friend Cindy Forsyth; she is debuting as well. Both Susan and Cindy really help to round out our Act 1 family and bring the show to life. So, not only do we get a chance to do something as a family that involves multiple generations, but Act 1 has introduced new friends and family into our group,” says Rick.

While Rick has enjoyed several special moments on the stage, he says his favorite are those that involve his family.

“I would have to say that while each show that I have participated in has its favorite moments, the shows that have been extra special have included my grandchildren,” he says. “To see the light in their eyes as they perform, dance or sing is heart-warming, and there is no better feeling then to be a part of that moment. Theater is something each one of them can fondly reflect back upon as the years pass and those fond memories will last much longer then I do, and I can only hope that someday they can enjoy the same feelings of pride and love with their own grandchildren and tell them what a good time they had doing theater with their great, great Grandpa Primmer.”

While Rick is now an avid supporter of community theatre, he admits to not always feeling that way.

“I used to think something was surely wrong with people from the community who got up on stage to act,” he recalls. “I thought that maybe they were missing something in their lives that caused them to get up in front of an audience.”

Now, says Rick, he realizes how wrong he was.

“Boy was I wrong, everything is right! Not only have I had the very best time with my own family, but I have had a blast working with others in the community that I don't normally interact with – good people like Keith Ervin, Dell Hanson, Dave and Sue Gates, Jill and Tony Bopp, Linda Merit, Rick and Diane Maxwell, Alex Vasquez, Doug Martins, the Bookmeier family, Nancy Beckman, Bunny Fritch and Rachael Bonar, and there just isn't enough room to name them all, but I think you get my drift,” says Rick. “The Act 1 family is huge, and we support each other and care for one another. To sum it all up in a word I would say ‘family’ – not only the three generations of my family, but the everlasting members of our Act 1 family is what Act 1 is all about.”

Rick plays the role of Mack in “Sometimes A Rainbow,” the musical about homelessness in Washington, D.C.

The show opens Thursday, May 1, on the Palace stage. Show times are 7 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, and 2 p.m. Sunday, May 2.

Tickets are $10.00 for adults and $2.00 for children under the age of 15 if accompanied by a paying adult.

For ticket information call the Act 1 Box Office, 319-214-0096. See more information on the ACT 1 web site HERE.

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