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Nathan and Kelsey Franck are the captains of two ship that wreck on the same island.

A band of female pirates, aboard the ship "Revenge" land on the opposite side of Shipwreck Island where missionaries have washed ashore and later the Royal British Navy lands.

The students of the Vinton-Shellsburg Home School Assistance Program explore the island in search of a hidden treasure.

"The Treasures of Shipwreck Island" will be presented 7 p.m. Friday, May 2 and 3 p.m. Sunday, May 4, at the Tilford Elementary auditorium.

Admission is $1.

Cast and Crew:

The Pirates
Brit – Grace Underwood
Leo – Macy Arbuckle
Jade- Emmilee Bean
Bean – Kaetlyn Trapp
Ruby – Lydia Close
Esmeralda – Alysia Cleppe
Naomie – Abilene Baldwin
Pearl – Shirah Philipps
Captain Scarlett Quinn – Kelsey Franck
The Navy (in disguise)
Obadiah – Caleb Franck
Gavin – Lewis Williams
Captain Donovan – Nathan Franck
Marco – Nathanael Philipps
Shipwreck Island Inhabitants
Jo-Jo – Dante Benjegerdes
Johanna – Cali Arbuckle
Sarah – Maree Bean
James- Nick Borgwardt
Cameo (Prologue only)
Venetian Ambassador – Nick Borgwardt
The Secrets of Shipwreck Island
script by Gail Showman
with Kelsey Franck
Alysia Cleppe
Homer Showman
Crew Leaders
Stage Manager – Sydnie Schoonover
Stage Hands - Abigail Close, Lizzy Weiss, Tomi Stolba
Technical Crew – Erik Studer, Jacob Baldridge, Nile Studer
Make Up & Hair – Alysia Cleppe w/Maree Bean
Costumes – Kelsey Franck w/Cali Arbuckle, Jewelry
Set Design & Execution – Brenda Philipps, Bob Philipps, Homer Showman,
Reggie & Andrea Bean
Props – Act 1, Craig & Sharon Earley, Cinda Yoars, cast & crew
Rehearsal Stand In - Abigail Close
Glitter Gun for the cannon - Emerson Tran Lam
Stage Director Gail Showman
Associate Directors Dante Benjegerdes, Kelsey Franck, Alysia Cleppe

Photos by Dean Close.

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