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Nancy Beckman (rehearsing with Rick Primmer) says meeting new people is a main benefit of ACT 1.

As the director of high school plays in the 1990s, Nancy Beckman would often invite seniors to participate in ACT 1 productions.

"Invariably they would make comments like 'This is so much fun, why did I not do this before?'" says Nancy, who has been involved in ACT 1 since 1983.

So, says Nancy: "To those out there who wonder what it would be like or think they don't have what it takes - give it a try. Community theatre does really have a place for everyone and the people of ACT I will gladly help you discover what that place may be for you."

Nancy and husband Dean became involved in ACT 1 more than 30 years ago. Nancy's first show was "Don't drink the water;" she has been a member of ACT 1 since that show nearly 31 years ago.

"I like all aspects of theatre and have been involved in nearly every level of a production - props, set construction and finishing, costumes, stage crew, acting, directing and I have been on the ACT 1 Board," she says. "Sometimes it is very therapeutic to get wrapped up in a world other than our own. It is amazing how it can give you a new perspective on your own life. There is also a wonderful sense of accomplishment once a show has all come together - like completing a giant jig saw puzzle with your own personal stamp."

Nancy said her favorite role to play has been Blanche in "Street Car Named Desire."

"She was very challenging and a person very different from myself," says Nancy.

Another one of Nancy's favorites was the play, "Mornings at Seven"

"The characters were a hoot but there were also some very touching moments," says Nancy.

Currently, Nancy is preparing for the lead role of Cordy in 'Sometimes a Rainbow," a musical about homelessness in Washington, D.C.

She said that another great benefit of community theatre is the opportunity it creates to meet new people and make new friends.

"I have met wonderful people who path I probably would not have crossed in such an up close and personal way any other way," she says.

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