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'Sometimes a Rainbow:' Bunny Fritch as Duchess and Nancy Beckman as Cordy discuss true needs.

The ACT 1 production of "Sometimes a Rainbow" opened Thursday night, and continues Friday and Saturday nights at 7 p.m. and Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m.

"Opening night was just great," said Director Sue Gates. "We had between 50-60 in attendance and they were very responsive. They laughed and clapped, which helps the cast shine."

Most of the performers have already been in several ACT 1 productions, and many have shared their thoughts about how and why they became involved in community theater.

"I got involved in ACT I in 2005, and it has been a wonderful experience," says Rachel Kramer. "Not only is it a healthy outlet for my "dramatic" personality (which my husband appreciates), but also through this I have met so many wonderful people and it feels great to be involved in something that entertains our community."

Rachel is particulary excited to be able to bring her daughter, Aubrea to the stage for part of Rainbow, although having an infant did pose some rehearsal scheduling challenges.

"We established a 7 p.m. feeding with 7:30 bedtime...and the 7 p.m. performances would produce a less than pleasant baby," says Rachel.

Rachel's advice for those people thinking about getting involved in community: Put nerves or doubt aside and audition! We have so much fun throughout the production process...ACT I really is a blessing to have right here in Vinton," she says.

Rachel's husband, Keith Bonar, has done set building and was one of the workers who remodeled the Palace for the new seating. Rachel's mom has also performed with her on stage.

Mike Kahler plays the roles of David & Willie the tour guide in "Rainbow."

"This is the second Act 1 play i have been involved with, although this one has more speaking parts and involvement," says Mike. "I am glad I got involved and auditioned. If it is something you have thought about doing and never did, next time, do it. Audition; you will truly enjoy the experience. I sure have."

Bunny Fritch got involved in 1993 with her former teaching colleague Steve Arnold’s invitation/insistence to try out for "The Odd Couple: Female Version."
"As Olive (Oscar) I was cast opposite Florence (Felix) played by Nancy Beckman; ironically we are similarly cast for Sometimes A Rainbow," says Bunny.

Community theater, says Bunny, offers many benefits.

"Developing a character taps into my creativity, lets me pretend as an adult and portray someone else," she says. "Through ACT1 I’ve been on stage in comedies, dramas, and musicals as well as behind the scenes as hairdresser/make up, stage manager and co-director. All of these experiences have reaped fun, friendship and treasured memories."

As far as advice, Bunny says: "Discover your playful potential and perhaps hidden talents….from trying out to the final performance, community theater is time well spent."

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A wonderful production in many ways-good hard working actors-wonderful story line-wonderful music
By: Dorothy Dake on May 3rd 8:23am

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