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Elsa Page holds the hand of her father, Kirk, while rehearsing for 'Sometimes a Rainbow."

While most of the performers in the upcoming ACT 1 production of the musical "Sometimes a Rainbow" are older adults, the show does have room for younger performers.

And that, for one area family, has led to father and daughter performing together for the first time.

Kirk and Elsa Page are among the "tourists" who sing during some of the show's musical numbers.

Kirk shares their story today.

"Elsa has been an aspiring actress since she was very young," says Kirk. "She has always been interested in performing. From hogging the microphone at church productions, to directing her own plays with cousins at family gatherings, she clearly loves to entertain."

Elsa’s grandma and grandpa have lived in southern California for the past ten years or so, says Kirk, explaining how and where Elsa gained many of her West Coast fans.

"Last summer was the second time our family was able to go visit and it happened to be over the 4th of July," recalls Kirk. "Their house sits on a hill in San Clemente, about a mile from the beach. Not only do they have a great view of the ocean, they also have a view of seven different towns that put on fireworks displays for the 4th. I think it has become kind of a tradition that they invite many of their friends over for this holiday to enjoy the view. As always, Elsa took the opportunity to perform in front of a crowd. She made a list of songs and performances (things such as standing on your head) and assigned parts to each of her brothers, Eli and Carson. They put on quite the patriotic show and had rave reviews from the crowd."

Elsa, says her father, has taken advantage of every opportunity to be on stage, including Old Creamery and Act 1 plays for kids.

Kirk says that ‘Rainbow’ is Elsa's first chance to participate in a mostly adult production.

Elsa had this to say about being involved in this production: “I joined because my daddy is the sound and lights person," she says. "It’s really fun. I like to do acting. I’ve been in some plays before but this one is in the Palace Theater.”

Kirk says she became involved in theater "by accident."

"During last season’s holiday plays, at Tilford, I generally stuck around while Elsa had practice," he recalls. "One day, Dave Gates asked if I had any interest and would be willing to help with the sound and lights. Coincidentally, I had a job installing sound systems, years ago, so this was a good fit for me."

Then, when ‘Rainbow’ was in the planning stages, Dave asked if Kirk would be interested in helping with the sound & lights, again. He also mentioned that they could use a few more actors for some small parts.

"Fast forward to last Sunday, and Elsa and I were practicing as 'tourists,' says Kirk. "I’ve never claimed to have a great memory but I should be able to handle a couple of lines. Singing, that’s another matter, and way outside of my comfort zone. I guess we’ll see how it goes and whether I will be on stage in the future, or simply hiding out in the control room."

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Elsa has lots of California fans from her patriotic production done in San Clemente last 4th of July. They have been asking for another show produced by her and featuring her brothers and family.
By: Nancy Lausar on April 24th 6:40pm

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