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Ready for some hilarious PG-13 entertainment this week? “Anchorman 2” runs Friday, January 3 through Thursday, January 9 at 7 pm every evening, and Monday, January 6 at 2 pm.

If you haven’t caught a commercial, talk show, or news program featuring Will Ferrell and the cast of this comedy sequel, you haven’t been watching TV. This movie has been promoted. To. Death. If Will’s guest appearances are any indication, you’re in for HUGE laughs, and will most likely leave the theatre with a few more catch phrases to add to your repertoire.

Phew! 2014 is here. We had an exciting last week of the year at the theatre. Not sure if “Frozen” broke the top three record yet for a place of honor on the poster wall, but it definitely made the Palace Top 20 Best Seller List.

The successful “Frozen” run also prompted a few other big changes at the Palace.

In appreciation of our rising internet sales trend, we are removing the seat saver and convenience fees online! Please note, you will still incur a ticket software fee that we cannot change. See below for new updated online pricing totals.

2D Main Floor - $3 face value, $1.61 in ticket software fees = $4.61

2D Balcony - $6 face value, $1.71 in ticket software fees = $7.71

3D Main Floor - $4 face value, $1.64 in ticket software fees = $5.64

3D Balcony - $8 face value, $1.78 in ticket software fees = $9.78

Also…. the online box office will not close until the movie starts.

Another big change – we have now transitioned completely to our ticketing system for main floor seating. No more seat savers. You may still choose and reserve your seat at the box office in advance or when doors open at 6 pm, but you will receive a ticket with your seat letter and number instead of a seat saver.

Pricing remains the same for box office advance sales, with a $1 seat saver fee, but there is no longer a seat saver fee for tickets purchased when doors open one hour before the show.

Essentially, if you gamble and wait ‘til 6 pm to buy your ticket, you will now receive a free seat saver.

Of course, we strongly recommend advance purchases, to assure the seat of your choice.

Coming soon – foot rests in the balcony! Finally! And new touch screens at the box office!

Happy New Year from the Palace Theatre!

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