"During the past few weeks i have been asked by many longtime customers and friends, if I am planning on leaving Clingman Pharmacy.The short answer is no!! Along with that, it is now time to share with you the recent changes at Clingman Pharmacy and why I believe that these changes are good news and will lead to exciting opportunities for the business and community.

On July 1st of this year I implemented a long term plan for my future, the building and our business by welcoming a group of partners into the ownership of Clingman Pharmacy Inc. These new partners (PharmaGroup) have a great deal of experience in retail pharmacy as well as the pharmacy wholesale end of the business. They became excited about Clingman Pharmacy and Vinton, Iowa the minute they set foot into town. This was really refreshing to witness, because this has been a priority of mine for over 25 years.'Vinton sells itself' is something I have heard many time and can now reaffirm, first hand, that this is true.

The PharmaGroup plan for Clingman Pharmacy, is to work with all of us at Clingman Pharmacy to take a good store and make it better. Clingman Pharmacy will continue to be named Clingman Pharmacy and all of our employees have remained on through the transition. It is exciting to me, to now be a part of a growing network of stores who share ideas for growth and new services. I can say that I now feel very confident about the future of Clingman Pharmacy.

Back to the personal side, it was emphasized very emphatically that the sale of the business was not going to happen if I did not agree to stay on for at least 5 years. I feel that both my work at Clingman Pharmacy and for Vinton is far from over. Julie wants to continue to be a part of the lives of the children at Tilford Elementary, and i plan to stay as active as I can for this great community for many years to come.


Jon R. Clingman R.Ph.and still part owner of Clingman Pharmacy

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So great to hear. Sounds like a winning decision to me. Glad you are staying.
By: Charlotta Toth-Fisher on September 1st 12:28pm

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