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Monkeytown's new van, with a Tharp Design graphic, will soon be seen throughout the U.S.

Two creative Vinton businesses will be featured in Dodge ads in the Inc Magazine in the near future.

Monkeytown recently purchased the new ProMaster cargo van, which is especially designed to help haul larger loads. Monkeytown driver Bob Mahood will be featured in the commercials, driving the van, discussing how much he likes its features, and making his area deliveries.

Monkeytown owner Kurt Karr recently received an email telling him that the company and its unique logo and name were among two in the country chosen for the promotion.

Inc. Magazine is working with Ram ProMaster on a custom program that can be seen at The producers chose two ProMaster owners to tell their business stories, and how ProMaster has helped them. Karr said he does not know which other company was chosen.

The filming took place a few weeks ago.

Beau Wood of Tharp Design created the vinyl decals that cover the Monkeytown Promaster van. Bobbie Hendryx of Monkeytown designed the images. Wood said the Monkeytown project is one of the largest vehicle graphics he has done. Work by Wood and the rest of the Tharp Design team can be seen in many places in the Vinton area, including the Palace Theatre.

Mahood said he likes the comfort and safety features of the van, which is equipped with a wide enough side door that a pallet can be placed in the van from the side. Karr said a partition was placed behind the driver’s area to protect the staff in case they need to make a sudden stop.

Monkeytown purchased the van from Thys Motors of Belle Plaine, which will be featured in a television ad with Monkeytown in the near future.

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Comgratulatioms to all in charge of creative monkey business here in Vinton.
By: Don Eells on April 3rd 7:15pm

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