The Iowa Beef Center is releasing a newly revised version of their Feedlot Monitoring Software in February 2014. The ISU Feedlot and Cost Monitoring Software was initially created in 1982 and has been used by cattle feeders to track costs, profits and performance since. The software continues to reflect the philosophy that feeders need to objectively measure, monitor and react to changes based on existing and past livestock and financial performance.

“This software provides an affordable means to compile cattle feeding financial and performance information and to assist in the interpretation of what is occurring,” says Dr. Garland Dahlke, the programs author.

The updated version allows for the same feed to beef focus as previous versions, including feeding period summaries, projections, closeouts, itemized account records and custom feeding invoice statements. A major change in the revised version is to allow for individual animal monitoring and projections as is necessary for heifer and bull development. Along with this feature, animal health issues have a greater focus with the new release giving an opportunity to track drug inventories and allow processing and treatment protocols to be imported. Cost and income channels are more flexible in terms of defining and recording the production inputs and outputs being tracked. Environmental documentation dealing with nutrient excretion, weather and manure logistics are incorporated to meet current reporting requirements. Finally, the renewed interest in benchmarking has been addressed with the ease of compiling and reporting closeout data via the internet.

Access to the new Feedlot Monitor software is possible by contacting the Iowa Beef Center at 515 294 2333. Cost is $600 for new users and $200 for existing users to upgrade. Three information and training programs are planned for northeast Iowa on :

Monday, Feb. 17, 1:00-4:00 pm, Clinton County Extension Office, DeWitt

Thursday, Feb. 20, 1:00-4:00 pm, Jones County Extension Office, Monticello

Thursday, Feb. 20, 6:30-9:30 pm, Buchanan County Extension Office, Independence

Space is limited so contact Denise Schwab at 319-472-4739 or to register and reserve your space. There is no charge to attend. Participants may buy and install the program on their own laptop computer, or try a demonstration with the Beef Center‘s computer lab at this time.

Look for information, demonstrations, troubleshooting guides and program add-ons to appear on the Iowa Beef Center website ( For more information on the revised software contact Dr. Garland Dahlke at 515 294 9910, or check out the informational page at

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